Turn Your Head Into a Hydrox With a Custom Cookie Cutter

Oreo’s on a mission to create a flavor that will appeal to every last person on the planet. But its efforts can’t come anywhere close to the level of personalization that a custom cookie cutter shaped like your head and face allows.


Etsy shop Copypastry—which earns bonus points for its clever name—will turn a photo of your face into a 3D-printed custom cookie cutter that even includes facial details that you can decorate afterwards. The results aren’t quite like looking in a mirror, though, more like a caricature you can and will want to eat.

A cookie cutter of your face will set you back about $50, and it’s the same price for one of your favorite pet. But if you’re just looking to do some corporate branding, you can save a few bucks and get a cookie cutter of your company’s logo for about $40. Copypastry will also make cookie cutters of a couple for around $70, but no matter how delicious they end up, your friends simply won’t be able to stomach them. [Etsy via Taxi]

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