Turning a Tiny Hot Wheels Car Into a Fully Functional RC Drifter Looks More Complicated Than Brain Surgery

Hot Wheels die-cast cars are one of the most iconic toys of all time, and there’s an entire subculture devoted to collecting and customizing everything from their paint jobs to bodywork. Taking things several steps farther, this talented modder upgraded a Hot Wheels into a fully functional RC drifter, complete with working shocks and a gyro sensor for improved steering.


Starting with a stock Hot Wheels ‘92 BMW M3 (featuring German police livery) the toy was deconstructed and its insides were stripped to make room for all of the added electronics, while the base plate was heavily modded to accept new tires, axles, functional shocks up front with tiny springs, and a custom-built mechanism that allows the front wheels to be turned and steered. An electric motor provides propulsion while a small servo handles steering control, both of which talk to a standard RC car remote through an RC receiver that somehow manages to find room inside the ride.

The final modifications include a new paint job, added spoiler on the back, new windows, and a completely customized front fender. Instead of re-attaching the toy’s base to its bodywork using permanent rivets, magnets make it easy to hop back inside to make modifications and further upgrades, but the tiny car’s performance is impressive as is.

With racing slicks for tires that allow the upgraded Hot Wheels to drift with ease, the best feature might be the addition of the gyroscopic sensor that helps assist with steering when trying to drive in a straight line. Even if the back of the vehicle is fishtailing from side to side, the car will (mostly) continue heading in the intended direction.


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Impressive work. If anyone would like something like this, Hot Wheels sells their own version of it too.