Turtle Attacks and Nightmare Centipedes: This Wild YouTube Channel Is a Gem

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The world is full of gnarly animals, but it wasn’t until the magic of the internet that we could watch them from a safe distance—thanks to high-def videos like this one, in which a snapping turtle clamps down on a dude’s arm. Thank you, YouTube.

Host Coyote Peterson, who seems to really like animals and pain, is the face of Brave Wilderness, a YouTube channel that “brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man.” That’s a spectrum of fauna that spans tarantulas and grizzly bears and rattlesnakes. And as you might expect it often involves Peterson putting himself in some some prickly, poisonous, and perilous situations.


Let’s start things off with an intimate encounter with a grizzly—and learn what to do if one goes off on you:

Next, the crew infiltrates baby crocodile nests near a south Florida nuclear power plant to tag them for conservation efforts, hoping a pissed off mama doesn’t show up:

Go into the “spike zone” and find out what it’s like to be quilled by a porcupine—and find out the right way to remove them:

This video, entitled “Giant Desert Centipede Is a Living Nightmare!”, does indeed include HD closeups of the foot-long, venomous, snake-attacking creature from hell:

And learn the differences between the common snapping turtle and the even more ferocious-sounding alligator snapping turtle: