TV on the Radio's New Single Reminds You That Ignorance Is Bliss

TV on the Radio is back with the promise of a new album, a tour, and an ironically upbeat new single that reminds you that in the case of heartbreak, the healthy thing to do is suppress.

"Happy Idiot" is an unsurprisingly great song from a great band—one we haven't heard anything new from since the 2011 death of bassist and producer Gerard Smith. I, for one, am amped to hear new stuff from them. This first track off Seeds is not much of a departure from their usual style of expressing their lyrics with a bit of a wink, played over rollicking riffs that seem a little too positive for the sentiment. It sounds a little poppier than usual, but TV on the Radio has such a surprising (albeit consistent) sound that I don't see that as a bad thing. I can't wait to hear more.


Seeds is out November 18 on Harvest Records. Meanwhile, I dare you to only listen to "Happy Idiot" once. [Spotify, iTunes via Pitchfork]

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