TVR Tuscan Wireless Mouse

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The TVR Tuscan is a primo sports car, and for those who can't afford the $100,000 price tag, you can pretend with the TVR Tuscan wireless mouse! It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries (a small step down from the traditional 360hp engine) and includes two buttons, scroll wheel and blue lights. $40.


Product Page [Via gearfuse]


I can not imagine there are many fruit loops visiting Giz that did a happy dance when they saw a picture of a TVR mouse. However, I would be one of those nut-cases. As if you care, which you do not, I have a 1974 TVR 2400M parked in the garage for date nights. Of course, this mouse concept is a still one, and there is no reason to have something like this, but I am required by law to purchase.

For the none of you that are TVR fans and are unaware: TVR has recently been purchased by a couple of gents from Florida who anticipate bringing this fantastic automobile back to the United States in the coming years. They closed the plant in Lancashire, England, and have been going through some crazy times - but the best days might be ahead for this not very well known manufacturer.