Two Second Daily Clips Make Enchanting Monthly Video Diaries

Looking at two second snippets from each day of your life might not seem interesting, but that's exactly what one guy did to create an oddly compelling video diary.

His project, reminiscent of a similar video made up of one second from each day of 2011, is entitled 48 Frames (because that's how many frames he captures every day). It stitches together little vignettes every month to make one story. Some of the footage is exciting while other pieces are just glimpses of normal life—above you'll see the month of May, which comprises concerts, soccer games, and shots of the neighborhood. You can see more monthly clips at the 48 Frames Facebook page. In a little more than a minute, they sum up 30 days or so quite nicely. [PetaPixel]

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Life is a cunt. ( a few frames in)