TwoDaLoo, For Couples Who Share Everything

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It's too far away from April Fools' Day for this to be a joke, so we'll just tell it to you straight: The TwoDaLoo is called a "supertoilet," created to "save rocky marriages and the planet." Not fancy enough for you? Get it with a 7-inch LCD TV and an iPod docking station, so you won't have to look at each other while you pinch a loaf. Hey, wait a minute. Haven't we seen this somewhere before? We have video:

That's where we've seen this before. Saturday Night Live, about ten years ago.

Sure, other cultures have different levels of privacy expectations, and the toilet's site even mentions a $1400 price, but something's fishy here. Its maker claims a single flush will save water, but that's obviously bullshit because there still needs to be enough water to fill both bowls.

The TwoDaLoo is being offered to wholesalers in a minimum order of 12 units, but this can't be for real. For instance, where do the TV and iPod dock go? We're thinking the Chinese who created this graphic (because there's only one view of it, and it's looking a whole lot like a Photoshop job to us) either have a low, cynical opinion of Americans, a warped yet derivative sense of humor, or both. [WiseRep, via bb Gadgets]