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Ok. Now that you've cleaned your coffee from your keyboard, just relax. There won't mention of the anal canal anywhere in this post. The BUTTPROBE is a stomp box for guitarists and vocalists. It features heavy distortion thanks to a set of 4BN6 vacuum tubes designed to create a big mess when you press twist the FIST and REAM buttons dials. Each one is hand-painted and illustrated with epithets and a strange mix of human waste, alien intrusions, and all sorts of terrible jive. Yes, you get ALL THAT for only $549. Plus, thanks to the magic of the Internets, we can receive emails in our boxes that include the following quote, which I believe is the perfect starting paragraph to my new novel:

We feel that the TX-2 BUTTPROBE is far more extreme than the famed Sherman Filterbank, and far more tube-freaky than your mother's enema kit.

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