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Uhh, Did Anyone Else Get Drunk and Buy a Wookiee Hoodie?

Illustration for article titled Uhh, Did Anyone Else Get Drunk and Buy a Wookiee Hoodie?

So this happened. Though he wishes to remain anonymous, this unnamed editor-in-chief of Gizmodo just received his latest purchase in the mail. It's terrifying, and $80, and from Hot Topic.


His story goes that he got good'n drunk on New Year's while reading Andrew Liszewski's post about this abominable Wookiee-wear (big fan of Andrew's!) and woke up with an online receipt in his inbox. Been there! But uhh, does anyone know how Hot Topic returns work? Because we don't.


Oof. So yeah, as bad NYE decisions go, could be worse. I guess. Not really. No, this is definitely the worst and now we're posting it on Joe's this here internet web log for posterity. 2012, everyone!

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