Unconfirmed: iPhone 5 May Appear at the End of September

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An AT&T employee says that any vacations for the last two weeks of September would be denied "due to an event blackout". According to him, the only times this has been done in the past was when an iPhone was released:

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Date: Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 12:27 PM
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I'm an att employee and my boss just announced that vacation requests for the end of september will be denied due to an "event blackout". Historically the only time they've done this was for an iphone release. So we're looking at the last two weeks of september.


This coincides with previous rumors, so it makes sense. But, like always, take rumors with a spoon of Maldon salt. Actually, it's about Apple, so take a pint.

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I wonder if there will be enough new hardware features that will make me want to upgrade from a 4 - that's the big question for me! Aesthetics & Cameras don't mean jack at this point - and "4g LTE" i am not sure i'd be sold on unless apple has some form of a battery that does not annihilate itself in 4g mode.

It'll be an exciting month, that's for sure!