Unconfirmed: More Canon EOS 5D Mark II Specs Leak, Lookin' Good

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We can say with pretty high confidence that a 5D successor, the 5D Mk II, will be hitting before '08 is out, and with Photokina coming up later this month, rumors are beginning to fly. Canon Rumors is vouching for their source that just dropped them the following tasty-looking specs on the new full-frame sensor, top-end Canon EOS DSLR: 21.1 MP, DIGIC IV, and an HD movie mode (like the D90's), among others. Here's the full list:

This comes from a dude that seems to be right a lot lately. * 21.1 MP 1.0x * DIGIC IV * ISO 100-6400 L:50 & H:12800 * 5 FPS * 3.2" High Resolution Screen (LCD) * 19 point AF * HDMI Out * Liveview * HD Movie Mode * Viewfinder: 100% Coverage * Full weather sealing * EF Lenses only


21.1 MP is considerably higher than what we've heard before, and an HD movie mode is a new one to pop up for this camera. But DIGIC IV, live view, 19 AF points and 5fps shooting make sense considering what we've seen before and the recently dropped 50D's specs. Again, could be BS, but it seems like we're getting closer. [Canon Rumors via Electronista - Image: A Nice Photochop]



21.1 megapixels is doubtful, since that's the current top of the line (1Ds mk III). The 5D debuted with a 12MP sensor when the then-current top was 16MP (1Ds mk II).

At 21 MP, it would eat into 1Ds sales more than I think Canon would like.