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Unconfirmed: Snow Leopard Release Set For Q1 2009

Illustration for article titled Unconfirmed: Snow Leopard Release Set For Q1 2009

Snow Leopard, that eagerly awaited rebuild of the Mac OS X, could be coming in the first quarter of 2009, if you are to believe Apple engineering director Jordan Hubbard's "presentation slides" from the LISA '08 conference. The next version of OS X won't come with too many crazy new features, but it does offer dramatically smaller application files and a complete overhaul to deliver serious performance gains. A Q1 release would mean that 10.6 is arriving a lot sooner than most people had expected, and that a demo may possibly be shown off during Macworld San Francisco 2009. [Macrumors]


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What a waste of money. To create a new OS almost every year is stupid. They should make some new programs, like a porn-hiding program safe thing.