Underground Gardens, Double Dank Documentaries, and NY Wants Its Weed

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57 Percent of NY Survey Wants Legal Weed

While New York legislators continue to deliberate on the rapidly transmografying attitudes towards marijuana, the residents of the Empire State appear ready to make a change. A 766-respondent phone survey released Wednesday reports that 57 percent of New York voters favor legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, while 33 percent oppose the move. Democrats and Independents were strongly in favor, Republicans were divided. [MyFOXNY - weed image: Olena Simko / Shutterstock]

When We Grow

A solid primer on cannabis production and consumption rates in the UK.

Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter

Given that the chances of us being nuclear annihilated are about as good as an actual zombiepocalpyse, $5 says this guy really just built the world's most undetectable grow house.

Waiting to Inhale - Marijuana, Medicine and the Law

An in-depth and fairly objective look at the state of the US medical marijuana controversy as it now stands.

Jungle Jail

PMIA jail hasn't been this amusing since Oz.