Unofficial iPhone Ad Invades New York

Chances are I'm a little biased here (being a born and bred NYer), but this is my favorite iPhone ad to date (even if it's not official). It shows NYers throughout the city talking about Apple's incoming baby. Yeah, it has a lot of NY stereotypes and it assumes NYers have nothing better to do that sit in Union Square waiting for the iPhone, but I think it beats the official cutesy ads. And the song is catchy. What do you guys think?

Ad: New York Loves the iPhone [TUAW]


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why would deaf people be interested in the iPhone?

It is the greatest gadget not yet released. People in Barrow, Alaska are pre-ordering iPhones in bulk, and all they have is polar bear signals up there. In fact, the polar bears are having a content to see which of them will be the first to get one. Doesn't matter whether you are deaf, blind, or from Canada — you will have to get at least one.

It's THAT good.

Or, at least, so we're told.