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Upcoming Red Zune to Include Sports Content?

Illustration for article titled Upcoming Red Zune to Include Sports Content?

So we knew the red (and pink and orange) Zunes were coming, but surprise surprise, the red Zune will include some interesting sports content to cater to the sports nuts out there, or so the rumor hounds at Crunchgear say. Supposedly you will be able to select your favorite team and the Zune will be able to download games as podcasts, which could be handy if you miss a game or don't live in the area of your favorite team and miss all of the regional broadcasts on TV.


There are definite perks to something like this, especially for sports fans, but there are all kinds of problems that could be associated. Is it full games or just highlights? I don't see myself wanting to actually download a three hour baseball game and then proceed to watch it on a Zune screen. The jury is still out, but I'll try to give it a shot as soon as I can, given these rumors are correct.


Rumor: Red Zune to Include Exclusive Sports Content [CrunchGear]

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Okay, NOW its the iPod killer....