Easily Upgrade Your Foosball Table's Players to Stormtroopers

Foosball is one of those simple games that doesn’t need fixing. It’s already the perfect way to waste four years of college. But it turns out there is actually a way to make table soccer even more enjoyable: by turning all of the players into opposing squadrons of stormtroopers.


If you’ve got access to a 3D printer this is actually an easy upgrade because all you need to is download this simple helmet model from Youmagine 3D, choose your plastic PLA colors to match your existing players, and start printing.

This particular Stormtrooper helmet model is designed to fit the plastic players used on Sportcraft’s line of Foosball tables. So if you’re playing on a different brand’s table, you’ll need to modify the models to fit their players. It’s also important to note that these helmets will definitely alter the balance of your Foosball players, making them more top heavy. Competitive players will probably find it frustrating, but the rest of us will find it hilarious when rows of players randomly fall over. [YouMagine 3D via 3DPrint]

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