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USB Air Darts

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You cubicle warriors out there can get pretty intense in your day-to-day work environments. This USB-powered launcher with three darts may be the perfect weapon to add to your arsenal. Using the included software, firing is just a mouse-click away. Unfortunately, yes, you still have to go pick them up after they're fired and there is a good chance all three darts will be lost quickly. Oh well, at least there won't be assault charges after you beat your cube neighbor with the ole' Swingline.


USB Powered Air Darts [Red Ferret]

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I just got a twin battlepack with an extra set of new darts.

My test firing (shot moments ago at 4 feet above the floor) landed (aimed high) in about 10 feet.

Aye, a great set of three underpowered nerf missiles. Aye, cool-factor of missile-launching goodness without cheesy circus-oriented packaging. Aye, controllable by simple mouse-click software with pretty neat launch effects. Aye, USB-powered, but with three AAs required.

Just plain cool, Aye. I was surprised to see that this gadget didn't merit much in comments 10+ months ago, but hey, comments were harder to submit and read a year ago when we were so much more tired of cool USB gadgetry, in the snow, both ways, for 25 miles.

Anyhow, I just wanted to bring my report. I had to buy this from Australia because ThinkGeek didn't have US-based stockage.

I can see this becoming the great cheesy-ass top-gun cube warfare USB Christmas present of the 2006 season if we can get them here.

... beats the USB hamster wheel by a mile, without circus themes, no waiting ...