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USB Star Trek Communicator Lets You Do VoIP Over USB

Illustration for article titled USB Star Trek Communicator Lets You Do VoIP Over USB

There have been Bluetooth versions of the Star Trek communicator in the past, but as of this moment the new VoIP version is as close as nerds can get to the real thing.


When hooked up via USB, this speakerphone can make calls over Skype for anyone running XP, Vista, Tiger or Leopard. It also features its own volume control and mute function as well as velcro backing for mounting in an easy-to-reach area. And, of course, it comes with the prerequisite sound bytes that have become a staple of all Trek communicator replicas. A price has not been announced, but it is expected to arrive sometime in April. [Dream Cheeky via Everything USB]

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Commenter's log, stardate 1313.8. I've discovered a piece of my childhood, which has caused a considerable amount of activity in my pants, the likes I haven't seen since first dreaming of Uhura, Yar and Troi with Q recording the video in the holodeck. But I digress...Do want.