Use Google Now's Location Reminders To Power Through Your To Dos

One way to deal with tasks that you never get around to or are always forgetting is to attach a location to them. Google Now has had the ability to display reminders based on a place for a while now, and they only take a few seconds to set up.

Launch the Google Search app from your Android or iOS device and tap the Reminders icon (a hand with a bow tied around one finger). On iOS its one extra tap away in the app menu (accessed via the three horizontal dots).


Choose the Where option and you'll be prompted for a location—the standard Home and Work choices will appear if you've already set them up. Anything you can find on Google Maps can be set as the place that's going to set off the reminder.

Maybe you want to pick up some groceries at the store or fix that creaky door the next time you're at your parents' house—there are plenty of potential uses, and it might help you clear your to do list more quickly. You can view and edit reminders from Google Now/Search and the Android widget.

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