Users Report T-Mobile 3G Network Has Data

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T-Mobile says that the 3G service rolling out today is voice-only for now, but New York-based users on HowardForums claim they're receiving 3G data too. One user says he's getting speeds over 400k/sec on his Nokia N73, and can receive calls while streaming music, something the old 200k/sec EDGE network isn't equipped to do. The 3G speed bump has only been confirmed in some parts of Brooklyn, so this isn't a full-scale upgrade. But it's exciting news for T-MO users who thought they'd be waiting longer to get their 3G. [HowardForums via Electronista]



And additionally in the USA's defense, the EU chose their 2100mhz frequency knowing full well we would have no way to even move to it. 2100 in the USA is used by satellites, and it's a little difficult to go and change that without paying, oh, trillions of dollars.

They did it, not us.

Besides, the lower the freq, the better reception typically. 850/700/1900/1700 are all better than 2100 to me! (at least North America kinda lines up together like the EU, except T-Mo's 1700 stuff....