Using Google Earth for a Resume Literally Answers the Question, 'Where Are You From?'

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Turkish blogger Ozgur Alaz was looking for an innovative way to cobble together an eye-catching resume, and he certainly found it by using Google Maps Earth. He assigned a color-coded place mark for each area of his experience and then filled each one with relevant information. After exporting those markers into a Google Earth file, the result is data-filled place marks, not only showing information about Ozgur, but where each one of his experiences took place as well.

We're not sure how many employers in Istanbul have Google Maps loaded and ready, but sheesh, you have to give the guy points for innovation. McDonald's may not be impressed, but maybe this is a perfect way to land that cartography gig you've been looking for.

The First Resume in Google Earth [Marketallica]



i may have to copy this.

sorry to nit-pick, but a couple of clarifications....

"It should be clarified from the post that this is Google Earth rather than Google Maps."

-that's right, this is very different form google maps, and the viewer would need to be installed to open the kml file. anyone employing a GIS would most certainly have GE installed.

"But Google Earth is a full-blown GIS system."

-GE is far from a full-blown GIS. It is in fact rather limited when compared to what you can do it a "full-blown" GIS.

"Maps couldn't do what Alaz does with Earth."

-technically you could this with google maps, but it would take a little bit of programming and you would need an api key (free). it would be arguably better to do it in maps, cause they wouldn't need GE first, and you could just set up a spiffy all-in-one site for you resume and map. different color points and fancy labels are entirely possible in maps, but a MUCH bigger pain the arse to do (i am teaching myself right now).