Vaio W Series Eco-Edition Saves Earth, Hugs Trees

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Sony's new Vaio W series "eco-edition" is so green—(how green is it?)—that it doesn't even have a printed manual. Its materials are all recycled, and would make a great accompaniment for a Prius. Update: Hands-on!

So I just played around with the Vaio W, and it's disappointingly low-end. It does have the new Pine Trail Atoms, but they have no plans to add video acceleration (like the Ion or Broadcom) which means it pretty much can't handle much heavy work. It's also running exclusively Windows 7 Starter. The environmental stuff is kind of cool; the lid, palm-rest and bottom panel are all made from 80% recycled material, and 20% of that is from recycled CDs and DVDs. But on the other hand, it's available only at Sony Style stores and it's going to cost a totally unreasonable $530. For that kind of money you can get a very respectable ultrathin or at least a netbook with Ion graphics.


SUBJECT: Media Alert: Perfect for Casual Computing, VAIO W Series Mini Notebook is Now Eco-Friendly

WHO: Great for environmentalists and families alike, the VAIO W® Series Eco Edition 212AX mini notebook features a reprocessed plastic chassis comprised of approximately 20 percent recycled CDs. It also comes in a stylish reusable carrying-case made from recycled PET bottles-no wasted cardboard packaging.

Committed to the environment, Sony also features trade-in and recycling programs. For more on Sony's proactive approach to creating products that grow out of greener thinking please visit:

WHAT: An ideal secondary PC, the VAIO W Series is ideal for anyone who wants casual computing, web browsing and social networking at their fingertips.

It also comes with parental controls built-in so you can create a safe on-line experience for kids. Featuring Kidzui and Online Family Norton software, kids have the freedom to learn, play, search and discover sites on the Internet while it gives parents the tools to manage the sites they visit.

The W Series has a HD (1366x768) 10.1-inch LED backlit widescreen display that lets you view an entire web page side-to-side on a single screen.

Its roomy 250GB hard drive for all your on-screen media – movies, photos and videos – just like that of a full-size PC. And with a long battery life, users can get up to seven hours of use on a single charge.

The VAIO W Series Eco Edition comes in sugar white with a translucent green interior. It is equipped with Microsoft® Windows® 7 Starter operating system.

WHERE: The VAIO W Series Eco Edition mini notebook starts at $480 and is available starting today for pre-sales, at Sony Style stores around the country. To find the closest Sony Style store, please visit:

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"that it doesn't even have a printed manual"

What computer did you buy in the last 10 years that came with a printed manual? Quick reference sheet on how to hook it up, maybe. A manual?