Vaughn: Kick-Ass Follows, Breaks All The Superhero Rules

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Bored of superhero movies that ignore everything that comic books have taught you? According to director Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass is the movie you've been waiting for all along... as well as the movie he's been wanting to make for years.

Vaughn told Comic Book Resources that the upcoming movie, adapted from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s comic book, scratched an itch that he's felt ever since his almost directing the third X-Men movie:

[E]ver since my flirting with doing "X-Men," and I was trying to make that more realistic, and I just felt comic book movies weren't reflecting what comic books were doing anymore. They were stuck in this rut. I think "Iron Man," when they cast Robert Downey Jr., was the first time they started being credible again and something that you could watch, even if you weren't into comic books, and relate to it. And I thought "Kick-Ass" took that to the next level... [T]hat's what I wanted to do with "X-Men." These guys have got superpowers or are genetically mutated, but at the same time, they're real people and they feel pain. I've always felt, whether it's Superman, who was basically a refugee who didn't fit, superheroes are always flawed characters that we can relate to and who you want to be and take you on a journey that gets you out of the mundane life that we all have.


Vaughn went on to call Kick-Ass a "good movie [as opposed to] what the studios want," adding that being self-financed, the movie can offer "such cool stuff that we'd never get if we were working with a studio":

When you see what Hit-Girl does in this film, it's mind-blowing. People may want to lock me up after they watch the film.


Kick-Ass is released on April 16th.

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