Illustration for article titled Verizon CEO Says He Convinced Steve Jobs to Put LTE in the iPhone 5

Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams talked about how data is used on Verizon's pipes... and a story about how he convinced Steve Jobs to put LTE on the iPhone 5.


LTE had existed on Android phones for quite a while before it came to the iPhone 5, McAdams said he had been trying to convince Jobs to add LTE to the iPhone 5 when Jobs finally relented. McAdams said:

"I was really trying to sell him and he sat there without any reaction. Finally, he said, 'Enough. You had me at 10 Mbps. I know you can stream video at 10 Mbps.' And Apple's next phone was LTE,"


Aside from swapping stories about Steve, McAdams also said in his talk that currently 50% of Verizon's network traffic is from streaming video. Which is well, impressive. It's only going to get higher. Hopefully those pipes can handle more streaming cat videos. [Fierce Wireless]

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