Verizon iPhone Download Speeds Lag Behind AT&T iPhone and Other Verizon Handsets

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Wired took a look at mobile analysis firm Metrico's thorough testing of the Verizon iPhone 4, summarizing the not-especially-surprising results (and noting a few unexpected ones).


Among the findings:
• Average download speeds of the AT&T iPhone are roughly double that of the Verizon iPhone
• AT&T iPhone finished 10% more downloads than the Verizon iPhone when the handset was moving
• AT&T iPhone ranked below several handets from HTC, Samsung, and RIM in call performance
• Verizon iPhone fared decently in voice quality and was among the highest ranked in noise-canceling performance.

Metrico also found, however, that the Verizon iPhone ranked "Below Average" in data download compared to other Verizon phones, like the HTC Incredible, though they couldn't really figure out why. In practice, I don't think Verizon iPhone users have much to worry about—no phone performs perfectly, and the difference is likely no more than a second or two for any given download—but it is unusual. Verizon iPhone owners can take solace in this, though: while AT&T iPhone data downloads were significantly faster, both iPhones took about the same time to load web pages in Metrico's tests. And at least in terms of the way I use my phone, that's probably the most important metric of all. [Metrico via Wired]

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Who didn't see this coming!

Verizon did say that they would throttle iPhone users down if they used a lot of data. Who here is shocked?