Verizon Purportedly Snatching Up iPhone Domains

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As we prepare for yet another year where the iPhone is coming to Verizon, let us take a look at this most recent rumor-creating development: An entity called "Verizon Trademark Services" is busily buying iPhone domains from across the web.

Some of the inconspicuous domains are and, which could be another smoking gun in a long line of Verizon iPhone smoking guns, or they could simply be some bored Verizon attorney's wishful thinking.

What we do know is this entity is in fact officially associated with Verizon, as it is the same corporation that owns the domain.


While the URLs are under new ownership, they still look as they did when previous owner and link farmer Jim Benton owned them. Only time will tell if they become redirects to some predominantly white and black iPhone-branded web site. [PocketNow via BGR]