Verizon's BlackBerry Storm Private Pre-Sale Has No Storms

Illustration for article titled Verizons BlackBerry Storm Private Pre-Sale Has No Storms

Oops. You know that pre-sale flyer that was doing the rounds to Verizon "VIPs", the one with the BlackBerry Storm on the left hand side? Turns out that if you, a VIP, turn up at a store with that very flyer you'll not be able to buy a Storm ahead of its launch. You won't, in fact, be able to touch one to see what it's like. You won't be able to see one. There are none, apparently. All you're able to do is get yourself put on a list for a call from Verizon on Friday so you can pre-order the phone. Okay, the flyer didn't make definite promises...but it's pretty much 100% misleading for Storm fans. Guess everyone has to wait for the real date. [BGR]


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