Verizon's In a Pissy Mood This Week; Mad at FCC and Bob Marley's Family

Illustration for article titled Verizons In a Pissy Mood This Week; Mad at FCC and Bob Marleys Family

First, they're peeing on the FCC's auction rules for the 700mhz spectrum that Google and others want a chunk of to do potentially cool stuff with. They're suing to overturn the open-access rules that would force buyers of certain slices of the spectrum to allow any safe device to use it. For an encore, after pulling Bob Marley tracks his family objected to Verizon selling, "in light of" the family's statement that it's "disturbing that these companies refuse to give the musicians the respect they deserve," Verizon's promptly restoring all of the content tomorrow. Rowr. [NYT, NYT, Flickr]


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Well, who wouldn't be annoyed by Bob Marley's family?

They self-centered, arrogant, money-grubbing... oh, wait. That's Verizon.