Vibrating Chairs In Japan - Sadly Quite Tame

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I haven't enjoyed the comfort of a vibrating bed since I went to a wedding in the throbbing metropolis of Freer, Texas a few years back, and stayed in the safari-themed room of the nicer of the town's two hotels. I say it was safari-themed because it had a zebra print shower curtain. I'm not sure there are too many vibrating beds in the middle of the Serengeti. If there aren't, adding some would instantly class up the joint, because nothing says class like a piece of coin-operated vibrating furniture.

Some Japanese movie theaters are hip to this, and have installed vibrating seats in their theaters. For an extra 200 yen, moviegoers are given a special token they feed into their chair that makes it shake in sync to the movie's soundtrack. They use "vibro-transducer devices", which surprisingly, given the context, don't appear to have any bizarre sexual applications. — CL


Vibrating seats add extra thrills at the movies []

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