Victor Von Doom goes toe-to-toe with Darth Vader in this amazing Art

Illustration for article titled Victor Von Doom goes toe-to-toe with Darth Vader in this amazing Art

The Dark Lord of the Sith might have gone up against Batman recently, and that's all well and good - but what would happen if he brawled with everyone's favourite All-Caps leader of Latveria? Comic artist icon Alex Ross imagined just that in this awesome piece of work.


Ross did the artwork for a friend, and it's not his only tangle with Vader recently - he's doing incredible variant covers for Marvel's upcoming Darth Vader ongoing series - but man, this looks awesome. The colours! Can we get Ross doing all Marvel comics Star Wars stuff forever please? The level of detail is always, always gorgeous.

As for who would come out on top in this battle of armoured villains - I'm sure Vader might have the advantage, what with his lightsaber, but I bet Doctor Doom would have a few tricks up his sleeve to prepare in advance. Who do you think would win?

[Alex Ross on Facebook]

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The secret ingredient is phone

Doom would never fall to anyone's lackey, in fact, he'd probably manage to convince Vader to join him against Sidious.