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Victrola-Inspired Aesthesis Speaker Is an Astronomical $85,000

Illustration for article titled Victrola-Inspired Aesthesis Speaker Is an Astronomical $85,000

Aw, grandpa! Could you please take my $85,000 speaker out of your ear? For the last time my Aesthesis speakers are not your old timer's hearing aid horn!


But seriously, earwax additions aside, these extremely limited edition (only 100 are being made) speakers are made from many of the same components as a supercar from Swedish automaker and purported Saab savior Koenigsegg.

Boasting carbon fiber, stainless steel and an unapologetic attitude about their $85,000 asking price, these speakers deliver the "full audio spectrum" all the way down to 37Hz, courtesy a coaxial two-way driver.


There's only 100 out there though, so get buying! [Aesthesis via Luxist via DVICE]

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Clearly, someone has not noticed that minor economic crisis the rest of the planet has been smacked upside its collective head with.

Oh, and I have some 16kbps files from way back when that I could play on it.