Video: Hands-On the Jellyfish Inflatable Beer Bong

Ah, Friday. Time for a beer related review. I'll be the first to admit that I have tried almost every variety of beer bong (I'm still in college), but the Jellyfish Inflatable Beer Bong was definitely one I hadn't tried, until now. Compared to other beer bongs the Jellyfish flows the beer (or any other liquid) slower than traditional beer bongs, but it excels in the fact that it is small and can easily be carried from party to party. It can be done by yourself, as seen in the video above, which is a definite plus for the binge drinkers out there. For the party hopping binge drinker, this is an excellent addition to your arsenal of beer drinking apparatuses. Other than that it may be worth a pass. It is available for $8 and comes in a few different colors.


Product page [Beersudz]



This is one of those things where you say, "Damn I wish I thought of that." You know the guy who thought of this made a million dollars. He is related to the guy that invented the pet rock.