Video of Multiple Kill Vehicle Test Scares Me Silly

Here's a video of the first test of Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle, hovering and moving in 3D space with deadly precision. But while the video is amazing on itself, how does the MKV work?

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The Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle will be the first anti-ballistic missile system designed to search and destroy multiple warheads and countermeasures using a single launcher. First, the MKV-L will fly to encounter the cloud of multiple warheads and decoys being deployed by the enemy missile. Then, instead of exploding, the MKV will maneuver through the threats launching several kill vehicles, each targeted at the different objects on the air, both real dangers and dummies set to deceive missile defenses.

During the test at the Edwards Air Force Base in California, the full-scale prototype MKV flew for 30 seconds, maneuvering while tracking a target at an altitude of 23 feet.

For some reason, seeing this thing floating over the air scares the bejeezus out of me. Maybe it's the way it moves combined with the stuttering sound, but it certainly looks deadly. Fortunately, it will only be deadly to weapons from the bad guys.



What's it's estimated flight time? With a full payload of ordinance, I can't imagine it flying much longer then a few minutes. A blimp would have been pretty effective. Though, this will handle in space quite well. For inter-atmosphere, this seems rather inefficient. Some sort of winged vehicle would have a much longer flight time.

...But the software and rocket control necessary to give this craft such precise controls is pretty amazing.