Here's a video I took in Cupertino today of the new Apple keyboards, iMacs, and what I consider the best features of iPhoto and iMovie: skimming and...skimming. As for the rest of the day, here are the highlights:

New, thinner iMacs, crafted from glass and aluminum like Mr. iPhoneface, with 20 and 24-inch screens. Awesome, and just as cool as we'd imagined.

New thin keyboards with aluminum bases and white plastic keys (in a Macbook like layout).

Mac Mini got a speed bump.

iLife '08 is out, with iPhoto able to "skim" through sets of images collected into events. iMovie gets skimming of clips, and other enhancements which make editing very fast. Wish I could have edited the above movie with the new iMovie.

•.Mac gets 10GB default space, native domain support, and iPhone integration where images can be sent over the wire to Web Galleries, among other things

•iWork '08