Video takes you deep inside the post-production process of Star Trek Into Darkness [Warning: Autoplay]

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There are so many tantalizing glimpses of Star Trek Into Darkness in this 18-minute video about the post-production process at Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams' production studio. You can glimpse a couple of space action shots featuring the Enterprise, as well as a few snippets of concept art on people's screens. And there's a glimpse of that room with cryo-chambers in it, plus someone flying a shuttle. (See Trek Movie for screencaps.)

But it's also just great to watch, to see smart people geeking out about their jobs, and the ways in which computerized tools like Avid and ProTools have revamped post-production — allowing you to do everything at once. I love that they have Mego Star Trek action figures in the office.


Warning: video autoplays, as you probably already noticed. [Avid via Trek Movie]