Videos of the Covert Rescue Team Saving Fukushima's Atomic Animals

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The daring volunteers who saved two canines from the contaminated environs of Fukushima have released this video of their mission, showing the bold infiltration into the evacuation zone and bringing the pups to safety. But this was just one mission.

The same team's gone to Fukushima, hazmat suits donned, for the sake of rescuing a single cat from radioactive bombardment.

This video is particularly haunting—the abandoned community that was pushed away by nature, nukes, and government ineptitude. Though the humans are gone, leaving their residence a ghost town, animals wander the streets in packs, likely hungry, afraid, and irradiated.


Whether you think risking a human life is worth saving an animal's is irrelevant—this kind of dedication to a cause is one of the more impressive things I've ever seen surface on the net, and a heartening sign that spirits remain unbroken by Fukushima's mantle. [via Hachiko Coalition]