Viliv S7 Takes On the Sony Vaio P With a Tablet Twist

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Specs for Viliv's S7 UMPC/netbook/tablet/whatever have popped up, and while the gadget's guts are similar to other netbooks, the physical design— including a jumbo keyboard and battery and a swiveling touchscreen— sets it apart.

We already knew about the S7, but when it was announced this summer, no specs or hands-on time were released with it, so it's nice to get some solid data on the little guy. The S7's 1024x600 screen is only 7 inches, but the sides are stretched out to a nearly Sony Vaio P-esque length:width ratio to make room for a usable keyboard and a very substantial battery. The screen itself is a swiveling touchscreen, like a traditional tablet, and Viliv brags that the battery can last a whopping 7 hours of video playback.

Besides that, it's got the standard netbook guts: Atom proc up to 1.86 GHz, 1 GB of memory, 60 GB HDD/16 GB SSD, and Windows XP. Price and release date are still unknown, but it'll probably hit Korea before making its way west. UMPC Portal got a hands-on, embedded below.
[UMPC Portal]

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I'm sticking with my decision to get a Vaio P, cause I've got a touchscreen on my iPod Touch, and I like the features such as Xross and lighter weight. One other thing...

The screen seems to be able to swivel, even while the unit is closed. This is not good news for someone who's throwing it into his or her bag, or for someone who wants a defective screen after a few months/weeks by not being careful. Therefore, Vaio P all the way.

Not a Sony rep, I swear. :p