Vista Running 108 Apps Bites Mac OS X Back

Click to viewThis video shows Microsoft Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 running 108 applications at only 30% processor usage, according to Reader Daniel Smith, who sent it to us in response to the picture of Mac OS X Leopard running 150 applications this weekend. His specs are nothing to write home about:

I'm runnin a stock Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 4GB of RAM. I counted 108 apps total and gave up bored after I had running anything from Photoshop, Visual studio 2008, Office professional 2007, Safari, and Media Center all the way down to that rescource hog, Minesweeper.


This fascinates me at oh-so-many levels:

• How the heck do you have 100 graphics applications installed in your computer in the first place?

• Why do people still care about this kind of things?

• What do you people really care about when it comes to the performance of your computer?

• How comes we haven't had any Linux user telling us he's running 250,000 apps simultaneously on six different monitors.

• How many applications can the Beamz run?

• And finally, how many graphical apps can you run in your computer without it burning down in flames?

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Please write your opinions and personal benchmarks in the comments.



Opening all of these applications is one thing, but if you tried to actually do anything substantial with any one of the graphics applications, like say, apply large edits to an HD photograph or edit a few minutes of video, the machine would probably spin and spin desperately trying to think. Also, after opening all of these applications and just having them sit there, open and unused, how much of the processor would that really take up if they're not actually doing anything except consuming a little memory?