Vuzix Wrap 310 Video Sunglasses Look Less Dorky Than Ever

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Vuzix is continuing to try and fine tune their video glasses into something we would actually be interested in buying. This time around, the emphasis seems to be on creating a more natural look.

Indeed, not looking like Geordi is a good thing, but the Wrap 310 also features true 16x9 widescreen, twin high resolution displays, noise isolating earphones and compatibility with almost any video player—including the iPod and iPhone. Along those lines, Vuzix notes that the Wrap 310 is also upgradeable with an expansion port that can be used to accommodate changes in player design. Pricing and release information have not been announced.

Vuzix Launches Stylish Wrap™ 310 Widescreen Video Eyewear

Newly updated, sunglass-style form factor improves comfort and style while delivering
true 16 x 9 widescreen video

Experience the technology first hand at the 2009 ShowStoppers for the Digital Holidays
September 16th in New York and the 2009 Tokyo Games Show September 24th – 27th

Rochester, NY – September 15, 2009 – Vuzix Corporation, the leader in video eyewear for the consumer,
defense and low vision markets, is thrilled to launch the Wrap 310. The game-changing Wrap 310 challenges
the status quo of traditional video viewing devices by looking and feeling like normal sunglasses. The Wrap
310 will feature twin high-resolution video displays, project a 55-inch screen and include removable noise
isolating earphones. Powered for up to 6 hours on just 2 AA batteries, the Wrap 310 will accept video from
almost any video player, including the iPod and iPhone.

Whether you are an executive business traveler or want an immersive console gaming experience, the Wrap
310 will get the job done in style. With composite video input and optional VGA and component compatibility
adapters, the Wrap 310 is the most versatile pair of video eyewear on the market. Additionally, as the first
video eyewear designed for upgradeability, the Wrap 310 will feature an expansion port designed to provide
the product with near limitless compatibility. In addition to the soon to be available VGA and Component
adapters, Vuzix has plans for exciting accessories designed to keep the Wrap 310 on the cutting edge.

Please see a complete list of compatible devices below.

"The Wrap 310 is the first device to merge the look of video eyewear and traditional sunglasses into one," said
Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers. "We are excited to be a part of the mobile video revolution and are thrilled to be
globally unveiling the Wrap 310 at Showstoppers for the Digital Holidays and the Tokyo Game Show," added

The Wrap 310 also features an improved on-screen user interface, included independent focus adjustments for
users with corrective lenses and still features compatibility with all major 3D video formats. Users now have
the option to select various lens colors to personalize their Wrap 310.

Compatible Devices Include:

• All iPod/iPhone models

• Portable DVD players
• Mobile phones with video output
• PCs and laptops*
• Televisions
• DVD/Blu-Ray players
• Portable media players

*Requires VGA output


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Deadspin in Carbonite

My dentist attempted to get me to wear similar glasses during a procedure a couple years ago. Prepare to come out nauseated and cross eyed. Regardless of design, the image is far too close to the eyes for your brain to comprehend without causing stress.