Wait, Is Idris Elba a Goddamn Supervillain in the Fast and Furious Spinoff?

Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing: that you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier. But a good car thief.
Gif: Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

You know, after the car witchcraft in Fate of the Furious, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. But it seems like the Fast and Furious franchise’s evolution to blockbuster superheroics has finally happened.


The first trailer for the FF spinoff Hobbs and Shaw dropped today, revealing just what brings together Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs, former Diplomatic Security Service agent turned...car-based vigilante superhero I guess, at this point, and Jason Statham’s former villain turned occasional ally Deckard Shaw.

The answer is Idris Elba.

Who, by the way, is an evil Captain America.

Really? Like, yes, really.

The trailer shows Elba’s mysterious Brixton, dressed up like a cross between his Pacific Rim character and The Winter Soldier, getting operated on by advanced technology while he declares himself not just “human evolution,” but literally also a bulletproof superhuman. And I don’t think it’s just bluster either, given we see him flinging people about the place and taking hits in his stride that suggest he is indeed some kind of enhanced supersoldier. Who must be stopped by people who drive fancy cars in explosive car-based-heists most of the time.

How long until the Avengers: Endgame of Fast and Furious, where everyone’s got superpowers now and the cars are also Transformers? And maybe it’s in space?

I guess former io9 editor Rob Bricken was right. Marvel and DC have a new superpowered rival in town when Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw hits theaters August 2.

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This all came from a movie about a gang that was stealing DVD players from trucks to sell for a profit (also sort of a Point Break copy).

It is like the ultimate game of telephone given the budget of a small country and I love it.