Wal-Mart MP3 Store Drops All DRM, But Only Half-Ass Opens

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When we last compared Wal-Mart's MP3 store to Amazon's, only Universal and EMI had gone DRM-free, and Wal-Mart still stocked tunes locked down with Windows Media DRM. Now Wal-Mart's store is completely DRM-sanitized, but their saber rattling to Sony and Warner for DRM-less music has gone ignored, so they're not selling any tracks from those labels (outside of Neil Diamond). Topping it off, despite the platform-agnosticness of MP3, the store still only really works in Internet Exploder. Not a good spot for Wally World.


After all, since then, iTunes has passed even Wal-Mart's massive moving power in its B&M stores to become the US's biggest music retailer. Plus, all Big Four have already signed on with Amazon for DRM-free music, making it the no. 2 digital retailer. At this point, they've either gotta step up or step aside. [Listening Post]



Amazon doesn't have a lot of the music I like on it. It's mostly the "top 40", "emo", and "kiddie rock" stuff. But what I do like is that I can actually go to Amazon from my home PC and buy music (any music).

Apple, on the other hand, has chosen to use iTunes in a product lock-in strategy and doesn't support *nix systems running x-windows. Plus, you don't actually OWN the DRM-encumbered music they sell. You are technically only buying the limited right to listen to it on a limited number of devices that you must own yourself. (limits, limits, and more limits.)

Buy music on CD and rip it or buy from 100% DRM-free sources like Amazon.

[bitter, party of one, please.]