Want a 3G iPad 2 and Own an iPhone? Here's How You Save $130

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Set on buying an iPad 2, but not sure whether you need the 3G version? Have an iPhone? Then maybe you can save $130, plus $15/$25 every month. Here's how.

Step 1) Follow these instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone and create a Wi-Fi hotspot. It's not technically condoned by your provider, because they want you to pay an extra $20 a month for the purposes of tethering. You can read that last sentence as "they want you to pay an extra $20 a month for using data you've already paid for." Screw that. Do this instead, and pay only $20 once.


Step 2) Connect your Wi-Fi-only iPad to your phone, wirelessly, and you get online.

The only problem comes from the fact that using your iPhone as a hotspot uses up your battery fast. The iPad has a much larger battery and can last a while even if you pound on that 3G connection. Your phone does not. But, the price of an iPhone battery pack is less than $130 (usually half as much), so you now have a battery pack for your phone and the satisfaction of not having to pay twice to use what you already paid once for.

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I always love it when Gizmodo recommends BREAKING THE LAW to its readers.