Warning: Not All ATMs at DefCon Are What They Appear to Be

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The infamous DefCon hackers convention is going on in Las Vegas right now. And, just a word of advice. If you're going to visit, grab your cash before entering the conference.

This completely fake ATM, equipped to skim debit cards, was discovered in the Riviera Hotel Casino right outside the hotel's security office. Conveniently, it also happened to be right out of the line of sight of surveillance cameras.

Whether the kiosk was merely a DefCon prank or a serious and malicious attempt to steal bank account information is unknown. But not having been suckered myself, I'll admit that the ATM prop is at least a little funny. And if there were a little man inside just nabbing people's debit cards, it would have been even funnier. [Wired via CrunchGear]