Warzone Robot Makes Wedding Super Cute

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Everyone knows that the best ring bearer is a darling little child, or, if possible, a wiener dog in a tiny dog tuxedo. Barring that, a Dragon Runner sentry and bomb disposal robot will do the trick. Tiny robo tux!

When you're both a bride and a mechanical engineer/robot arm designer, you can pull off radical wedding maneuvers like this one: a fully robotic ring bearer that not only delivers your metallic love symbol with extreme prejudice, but can be heaved over a fence or out a three story window. The Dragon Runner, as the bot goes by when not making love connections, is designed to be worn and literally tossed around by Marines while in combat. That might sound like a fun thing to do during a wedding, but does it sound better than this report from the mother of the bride?

The music at the time was Mr. Roboto...One of Laura's friends from work was wearing the backpack and using the control panel to control the Dragon Runner. That included the Dragon Runner's entry onto the dance floor when the wedding party was introduced. It zipped in and did a "Saturday Night Fever" spin and pump.


Sorry for ruining your wedding by showing you this wedding, which features a robot ring bearer that danced. Unless yours also has a robotic ring bearer, in which case, welcome aboard. [Electronic Design, Thanks Curtis!]