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Was Steve Jobs Busted for Bringing Throwing Stars into an Airport?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most probably, this is just unfounded gossip, but Bloomberg is reporting on a story about Steve Jobs getting stopped at the Kansai Airport last July, after security found ninja stars in his carry-on luggage. He got pissed-off, they say. Updated.

This is where I tell you that he took out his Hattori Hanzō sword and killed everyone in the airport lobby, running away with the shurikens in his Quinjet. But according to Bloomberg's translation of the Japanese tabloid SPA! magazine, this is what happened:

Jobs said it wouldn't make sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane, according to the report. He then told officials he would never visit Japan again, the magazine reported.


Bloomberg claims that a Kansai Airport's spokesman confirmed the episode... but he wouldn't reveal the name of the passenger involved in the incident. The spokesman said the private jet passenger trashed the shuriken at the security point, but declined to disclose his name because of the airport's privacy policy. Bloomberg also found that the airport doesn't have a separate boarding for private jet passengers, which explains why this unidentified man had to pass through the usual security point.

Apple declined to comment, which could mean two things: This rumor is so ridiculous that it doesn't need commentary or this rumor is so ridiculous that it doesn't need commentary. Or a third possibility: It may be true. I want to believe it is. If any of you have any photos of Steve trashing his ninja stars at the security point, send them to me.


In any case, if any of us appear dead with a sai up our most tender parts, another rumor would be confirmed: Steve has been watching too many Teenage Mutant Turtles episodes on his Apple TV. [Bloomberg]

Update: AllThingsD says that, according to Apple, the story reported by Bloomberg is fiction:

"Steve did visit Japan this summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction. Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon."

– Apple's official comment on SPA!'s report