Was The Pringles Man Inspired By This Spider?

The kidney garden spider, or pale orb weaver (Araneus mitificus), would be a fascinating critter on its own, but the fact that it looks just like the Pringles man makes it even more awesome.

These spiders have a really neat trick when it comes to their web-weaving. They leave a whole chunk of their web empty, and then they create a small bunker for themselves in a nearby leaf. That protects them from predators while allowing them to wait for their prey to become tangled. They connect the silken "roof" of their hide-out to the empty section of the web with a single thread. That means they can remain safely hidden and only come out to eat when they detect the vibrations from the web pulling on their leaf-and-silk fort.


Things we wonder:
(1) Did the spider evolve to remain camouflaged in Pringles factories?
(2) Does this make you want to go throw up every Pringles chip you've ever eaten?
(3) Does this make you suspect that the kidney garden spider is actually quite tasty?

The resemblance is...uncanny.

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Header image: Public domain (Source); Web photo modified from: Wikimedia Commons/OpenCage (Source).


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