Watch a Delivery Truck Get Peeled Open Like a Can of Sardines in Super Slow Motion

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In Durham, North Carolina, there’s an internet famous train trestle bridge that’s been shearing the roofs off of tall trucks for years now. There’s lots of footage of the 11-foot-8-inch bridge eating trucks, but none as spectacular as this recreation the Slow Mo Guys created, which was captured in super-satisfying, super slow motion.

The compact cube van they sent to its death surprisingly managed to drive away from its run-in with a makeshift shipping container overpass. But it limps away from the stunt with about half of the trucks’s cube still intact—the rest brutally sheared off like it was made of nothing but tin foil. The moral of the story? The truck drivers of the world should continue to ignore low clearance warnings because we’ll never get tired of accidental destruction videos.