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Watch a Giant Fighting Robot Get Beat Up By a Wrecking Ball

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two robot fighting teams—MegaBots in the US and Suidobashi Heavy Industries in Japan—challenged each other to a duel once upon a time. Both accepted, but the actual showdown is yet to happen. This stress test conducted by the MegaBots team on their giant mech might give some answer about how it’ll fare if a clash goes down.

For starters, they ripped their robot’s arm cannon off and shot it at a dummy pilot rigged up with g-force sensors. Surprise! Getting hit with a Gundam-scale explosive cannonball would absolutely kill a human.


While the cannonball thrashing had little impact on the bot’s stability, knocking the whole thing over with a forklift produced less than desirable results for a prospective pilot. The dummy emerged with what appeared to be a broken... everything. Kind of seems like anyone who agrees to fight in a robot duel is begging for a swift and underwhelming death. Might we recommend donating your mortality to Elon Musk instead?