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Watch a Guy Freak People Out By Floating in the Air on a Moving Bus

Though this prank video is an obvious attempt at force inducing viral-ity by Pepsi Max, it's still a pretty fun watch. The magician Dynamo tricks people into thinking he can levitate by 'magically' following a bus around as it moves across London. Watch people freak out when they see him float.


It's always fun to see the look on people's faces when they see something so obviously fake and impossibly real. Many of them revert back to their childhood selves with a sort of puzzled hope dressed all over their eyes. They know it's not real but they still want to believe.

The stunt is similar to performance artist Johan Lorbeer's trick of floating in the air, the arm touching the bus is not actually Dynamo's arm, it's just a bar that's able to support his body. The viral marketing strategy is not unlike the movie Chronicle's fake flying people trick, watch people freak out and take pictures of fake supernatural abilities. If Superman was real, he'd be in advertising, I guess. [YouTube]


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Nothing to See Here!

Well done for portrait video...actually, it's probably a bit difficult for shooting horizontally in a situation like this, so he gets let off this time.

Who the fuck would buy a Pepsi after watching this?