Watch a Massively Powerful "Walkback" Slingshot Shoot Cannonball-Sized Ammo

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We've got a big ol' crush on slingshot master Joerg Sprave, but for all his rubbery kinetic might, there comes a point when the maximum power of a slingshot maxes out. That is, unless you're such a huge badass you use trees for slingshots.

Joerg realized that if he wanted a more powerful slingshot, he had to figure out a way to increase either the draw weight or draw length—but that's not so easy to do with a handheld slingshot, as we saw with the Zombie Rooftop model. So he got creative and strapped some high-powered bands to a couple of trees, then loaded the ammo with a trigger-action cannonball 720g steel ball holder. Please try this at home—just, uhh, don't aim it at the cat. [YouTube]